Judge Rules Against Valve In Patent Lawsuit

The Esports Observer reports that Valve’s attempt to overturn a $4 million jury decision in a patent lawsuit has failed.
The judge denied both Valve’s motion to overturn the jury’s decision and its request for a new trial, but also denied the request of plaintiff Ironburg Inventions (parent company of Scuf Gaming) to increase the damages Valve must pay.
There is a dispute over a patent owned by Ironburg for a game controller with two additional paddle buttons on the back designed for a user’s middle fingers.
The case hinged on whether Valve’s Steam Controller — which has a back battery cover with wings on either side that act as paddle buttons — could be considered to have the two elongated paddles described in the patent.
Zilly referred back to Valve’s opening statements, in which the lawyer asserted they had a straightforward case that could be determined with just two pieces of evidence: the patent and the Steam Controller.
“The Court agrees that this case is straightforward and can be resolved based on the ‘525 Patent and the accused device,” Zilly wrote.
In a civil trial, Zilly also wrote that the jury appears to have done just that, but the defendant is disappointed in the verdict. The defendant’s unhappiness does not justify a judgement by the court.

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