SEGA May Have Accidentally Revealed New Name For Sonic Game

SEGA may have accidentally revealed the name of its new Sonic game.
SEGA gave Sonic’s fans a sneak peek at Sonic’s next adventure on May 26th, 2021. In keeping with the company’s reputation for obscurity, SEGA gave the game a release date of 2022 as the only information they offered. Recent press releases, however, accidentally reveal the game’s name as Sonic Rangers.
SEGA listed some of Sonic Central’s highlights in its press release. SEGA’s new project is included on this list, which is unfortunate:
There is news on Sonic Colors: Ultimate and Sonic Rangers, as well as Sonic Prime and mobile news.
What exactly is Sonic Rangers? According to Twitter user PTKickass, it’s the title of SEGA’s next big Sonic game.
The title “Sonic Rangers” may still be a placeholder. Still, the game’s logo features a stylized “R,” which makes the title more likely. Resetara reports that the game will also be open-world.
While SEGA has accidentally referred to its new game as Sonic Rangers, the title has not been officially announced. SEGA told Eurogamer that the mention was from an “older version” of the press release, which was incorrectly shared.
As a result, its name could still change. For now, it’s best to take the rest of the Sonic rumors with a grain of salt.

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