A New Vaccine SIgn For Thai Taxis Gives The Thai Taxi Industry Hope That Things Will Get Better

During a time when customers are hard to come by, some taxis are advertising their vaccine safety with a “Vaccine” sign for cabbies who have their shots. Smart Taxi’s managing director created the LED sign and believes it will make commuters and passengers feel safer. Furthermore, he believes it will encourage taxi drivers who have not yet received their jabs to do so immediately.
Early results from the newly launched program have shown increased ridership of taxis with vaccine signs, increasing their earnings to over 600 baht per day. Smart Taxi requires that taxi drivers show their official vaccine certificates in order to qualify. The information will then be added to a database maintained by the Department of Land Transport.
As of now, the program is very small, as most taxi drivers in Thailand have only received one dose of the two-jab vaccination. The first 2 drivers to be fully vaccinated launched May 24 and are happy with the results so far, saying that their passengers seem more confident and that the vaccine signs themselves are attracting attention and bringing in more riders.
Bright green signs replace the “available” signs open taxis usually display with the words “Covid” and “vaccine” with a checkmark. There are three languages on the sign: Thai, English, and Chinese. Smart Taxi, which operates about 5,000 taxis, operates the program exclusively. In 2018, the Department of Land Transport launched the “Taxi OK” program to improve service and safety for its customers. It also has its own ride-hailing app to compete with Grab and other ride-sharing services.
Other companies haven’t announced whether they will follow Grab’s lead in displaying their drivers’ vaccination status, but Grab has been securing vaccines for their drivers since February and plans to vaccinate all employees by the end of 2022. As the Thai government struggles to implement mass vaccination programs across the country, Smart Taxi believes boosting confidence in local transportation can be a driving force for the economy.

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