Biomutant Game Wants To Get Silly

RPGs are packed with serious adventures and noble quests, but what about the silly side of things? Where are our bizarre playable characters, our unique attack combos, and our strange and enticing missions? The world’s most anticipated RPG is now available for consoles and PC! Biomutant!
It’s been a long time coming, but finally, Biomutant is here! Here are some things you need to know before you pick up the game.
The story of Biomutant takes place in a post-apocalyptic world ravaged by the Toxanol Corporation’s recklessness. The company has been dumping toxic waste into the world’s oceans, and as you might expect, everyone has paid the price. Bizarre mutations now dominate, affecting all ecosystems and biodiversity.
Tree-of-Life is dying and your choices are: end it or save it? Are you going to join the Myriad and unite the tribes, or are you going to join the Jagni and conquer them?
You decide, but remember that the world’s fate is in your hands!
There is nothing less than the best combat, enthralling quests, and even deep customization in Biomutant.
You can choose your character’s breed, strength, vitality, charisma, and more based on your preferences. Choose the elements your character is resistant to and choose from five unique classes to match your playstyle. Choose your classes wisely! Each class has its own perks.
The visual appearance of your mutant will even change as you adjust the customization slider. The heads of intelligent characters are larger, while those of stronger characters are muscular. What a variety!
As you travel the world, you’ll encounter bio-contamination and radiation which will cause mutations that unlock new abilities and mind skills. You’re always evolving, Biomutant allows you to earn stats and skills as the story progresses.
As you progress through the game, your choices will lead you down a path of struggles between light and dark, with each side having its own perks and drawbacks. In BiomA, crafting is a big part of the experience. You can scavenge parts to create your own guns, revolvers, and rifles from parts you find in the environment. Mods can even be made with everything from battery-powered chainsaw modules to bio-contaminated sludge vials.
Also, you’ll meet characters in the world who will craft cool items for you, such as wings and jump packs, so start making friends today!
Biomutant is up to you, and thanks to the many, many unique abilities and dialogue options it offers, you will be playing it for years.
With Biomutant, you’ll experience close-quarters combat and ranged combat all in one game. Use your guns to strike and finish your enemies, play tactically so you avoid countering enemy attacks as you dart around to avoid them.
As you progress, your Wung-Fu will become stronger and more complex, allowing you to perform a large number of different button combos, giving you greater power and flexibility on the battlefield.
Biomutant features an open-world setting, but don’t mistake this for your typical RPG experience! Your imagination is the limit in Biomutant as you can explore the world on foot, by the mech, by jet-ski, by air-balloon, and by the mount.
Aside from the terrain, the archipelago is also rich in discovery, offering hikes through its mountain ranges, as well as exploring its tunnels and bunker networks. There are many mysteries to solve, discoveries to make, creatures to encounter, and strange characters to meet in this world!
The immersive world of Biomutant is illustrated not just by what you see, but also by what you hear. The characters you meet on your journey will all speak in their own language, making for an incredibly realistic experience. You will understand everything everyone is saying with a translator! The best way to make wild worlds feel real is with that.
You won’t want to miss out on Biomutant if you’re looking for your next big RPG adventure. Biomutant will be available on May 25th, 2021, for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Your new-gen consoles will also be compatible with the game!

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