Happy Anniversary! It has been 7 years Since The Last Thai Military Coup

May 22nd, 2021 marked the 7th anniversary of the coup in which Gen. Prayut Chan-o-cha, then chief of the Thai Army, took control of Thailand. Differing opinions persist as regards progress for Thailand in the last 7 years and also the failings of the Thai ‘government’ since the coup.
Many believe the PM has worn out his welcome after beginning to lose the confidence of conservative groups that had previously supported him. They cite Covid-19 policy, which was once a shining example for the world but has failed in recent months to prevent Thailand’s third wave of outbreaks. A successful vaccination campaign over the next two months may warm up those cooling attitudes.
Many who hoped that the coup would bring transparency to the Thai government are disappointed as the regime tightens its hold on power rather than presenting an outward appearance of a modern government. In recent years, young people have mounted powerful opposition to the previously unshakable power of the government and the Royal Family. Currently, the discussion about the Thai monarchy is restricted by draconian laws that quash dissent and quiet dissenting voices.
Many questions whether Thailand has been able to reform since the coup, saying that tangible results are few and far between and democratic liberties have been curtailed. Last year, the Thai public came out in protest to protest long-term social injustice, evidence of a country racked by political conflict. The majority assumes that the public is not considered or involved in electing the people in politics who enact flawed amendments to the constitution whose main objective is to hold onto power rather than to progress the nation.
COPID-19 has brought up some of the government’s weaknesses, not only in dealing with the current third wave outbreak but also in dealing with corruption, illegal gambling, illegal immigration, human trafficking, and a lot of alleged “greased palms” in Bangkok’s entertainment venues that ignored Covid-19 restrictions leading to the current outbreak.
The Prime Minister Operation Centre released a list of 15 areas where reform has taken place since the coup in Thailand, including road, rail, transportation, and digital infrastructure. As a result, they assert that quality of life has improved due to assistance for low-income earners and welfare recipients, pension reform, and improvements in universal healthcare as well as reforms in education.
The PM’s office also claims success in agriculture, water resource management, and handling the Covid-19 pandemic. Bangkok has enacted new laws governing landowners, as well as addressing flooding, pollution, traffic, and traffic congestion.
Opponents of PM Prayut’s ruling party say the coup did not achieve its objectives. In Thailand, political unrest, social unrest, and political conflict have grown and become more polarized, despite attempts at reform by holding hearings and passing laws. In the areas of economic improvement, civil service reform, and education reform, no significant progress has been made. The opposition claims that the government that arose after the coup created more problems than it solved. In response to the assessment, a government spokesperson claimed that the present government had been working toward solutions to political conflicts and avoided getting involved in squabbles.
In response to the assessment, a government spokesperson claimed that the present government had been working toward solutions to political conflicts and avoided getting involved in squabbles. With the enactment of new bills soon, they say there will be substantial progress on revising the laws and opening the way for reform. According to the spokesman, parliamentary procedures have slowed progress on reforms and constitutional amendments.

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