Chin Police Officers Joining Chin Resistance in Myanmar

According to a local group of resistance fighters, 12 police officers from Kanpetlet in Chin State have defected to join the struggle against the coup regime.
The Chinland Defense Force (CDF) has announced that it has taken responsibility for the security of the defectors, including a sergeant and two lance-corporals who are all ethnically Chin.
Two days after the CDF attacked a police outpost in the town on May 13, they defected.
CDF, whose members are mostly Chins from the state’s nine townships and other areas, was formed in April as police cracked down on anti-coup protesters.
Other police officers were urged to defect as soon as possible. The magazine also published the statements of defectors who called for an end to the dictatorship.
After the coup of February 1st, 2021, many Chin State police officers left their posts to join the nationwide Civil Disobedience Movement (CDM).
Reuters reported that over 200 people fled across the border to Mizoram in India. Other defectors took shelter in local communities.
India welcomes ethnic Chins who joined the CDM and have come to collaborate with India. According to a CDF spokesperson in Kanpetlet who asked not to be named, they are taking care of them.
He said the CDF would welcome police officers who want to join the armed resistance and fight against the military. A safe location in a safe neighborhood would not be an issue for the company, he continued.

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