Thai Bits: Thai Vaccine Plan, Foreign Ownership Quota Debated

Believe It or Not, There is Thai Government Vaccine Plan

Thailand plans to procure 100 million doses of vaccine and inoculate 50 million people by the end of the year.
So far, six million SinoVac vaccines and 117,000 AstraZeneca vaccines have been procured.
Among Thailand’s 69 million people, 1.65 million have received a vaccine shot and 892,245 have received two doses.
Over 7.4 million people have registered to be vaccinated through the government.
It is unclear whether Siam Bioscience, the local manufacturer of AstraZeneca vaccines, will meet its target of producing six million doses by June. However, the media understands there has been a problem scaling production, so the target will not be met.
The Ministry of Public Health said recently that other vaccines are incoming. Here is the plan:
Pfizer – A delivery of 5-10 million doses is expected for the second half of 2021
Moderna – Expected to arrive in the fourth quarter of 2021
Johnson and Johnson – Expected to arrive in the fourth quarter of 2021
Sputnik V – Still at the initial stage of negotiation

Foreign Ownership Quotas Should Be Raised

The acting director-general of the Real Estate Information Center is urging the government to raise the foreign ownership quota to 70 percent or higher in certain areas, and for condos exceeding 5 million baht, as that is the price range of most Thai buyers.
Thai owners in those buildings could be protected by limiting foreigners’ voting rights in juristic persons, he said. Foreigners could also be allowed to buy low-rise houses priced at 15 million baht or higher, he said.
In 2018 – 2020, foreigners accounted for 30.3 percent of condo purchases in Chon Buri, followed by Chiang Mai at 18.5 percent, Phuket at 17 percent, Bangkok at 7.8 percent, and Samut Prakan at 6.3 percent. The government has floated the idea of increasing foreign ownership quotas, though it hasn’t yet developed any policies for it.

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