EA Working With Kevin Stephens To Create Middle Earth Open-World Gaming Studio

With the help of Kevin Stephens, who developed Middle-Earth, EA has announced a new open-world gaming studio.

In the media, it has been reported that Stephens will work on an action-adventure game featuring an open-world setting. This is definitely news worth celebrating, as Stephens’ previous experience as Monolith Productions’ VP and studio head indicates this will be a great game.

Despite people’s desire for another Middle-Earth game to follow 2017’s Middle-Earth: Shadow of War, people are more than ready to hear what Stephens and EA have in store for us.

Laura Miele, chief studios officer of Electronic Arts, said that Kevin joining forces with Samantha and Electronic Arts’ talented teams adds even more depth to the creative collective.

“Kevin is an incredible game developer, and we look forward to partnering with him as he builds his team. As someone known for his open world action-adventure games, we know players will be eagerly awaiting more details on this studio and its projects.”

Despite not yet having a name, there already seems to be some buzz about the new studio.

It’s not over for Middle-Earth just yet: a recent rumour suggests a third Middle-Earth adventure is in the works, set for release during this year’s E3 event.

Even though it would be great if the rumor were true, WB’s recent work changes may snuff out the rumor’s burning fire.

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