The Thai Third Wave Of COVID-19 Could Be The Final Straw For Some Thai Hotels

On Patong Beach in Phuket, two years ago, tourists from Siberia, China, and the European Union crowded together in a cacophonous revelry in front of the Guesthouse Seksith Pimolnat.
Patong is deserted today. Another victim of the pandemic.
Seksith told the press, “Many of my friends have had to close their hotels and move back home or find a different job”. Whatever plans there were to reopen are too late. They are finished.
Hoteliers have been forced to temporarily suspend operations or shut their doors permanently as a result of two lockdown situations and a third wave of the pandemic.
For those still running, the prospects that a August – October reopening might be postponed is a death sentence.
Woramon Inkatanuvat, an executive at the hotel operator The Erawan Group, explained, “We were recovering from the second wave of the pandemic, but now we’re experiencing the third wave.”
According to a survey of 188 hotels nationwide by the Thai Hotels Association, 47 per cent of hotels had enough liquidity to stay in business for around three months, with 13 per cent temporarily closed.
Survey results suggest that most closed hotels are likely to reopen in the fourth quarter as the situation improves.
The association president, Marisa Sukosol Nunbhakdi, said that the third wave of attacks had wreaked havoc on the hotel industry, exacerbating a dire situation.
Marisa said she doesn’t expect normalcy to return until at least 2023.
Marisa warned that it might take longer if the government cannot contain the latest outbreak, and the consequences to the hospitality industry would be dire.
Marisa urged the government to introduce relief schemes to support employee salary payments, deft moratorium programmes, and domestic travel stimulus policies.
Marisa stressed that hotels were keeping people employed with reduced work hours and moving things around, but this would not last forever.

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