Twitch To Streamers: Don’t Use The Word Hot Tub

The hot tub controversy has been all over Twitch as of late.
If you don’t know what this is, it usually consists of streamers wearing bikinis in hot tubs, doing little else.
It’s likely that this is the reason why you’re seeing a thumbnail of a bikini-clad woman taking a bath while you search for the latest video game streams on Twitch.
The hot tub stream certainly goes against what Twitch allows on its platform, and it seems that Twitch may be taking action against it.
The word “hot tub” has been banned from use during streams, resulting in a notification message stating that it conflicted with the channel’s moderation settings.
At this point, it seems strange that Twitch has apparently banned the phrase “hot tub” from being used in chat, but it could indicate a ban on hot tub streams in the near future.
On April 20, 2021, Marcus “djWHEAT” Graham discussed the recent Twitch trend of hot tubs.The Twitch team understands the community has been paying close attention lately, and they have been monitoring closely Our nudity and attire policy does allow bathing suits in an appropriate context, and hot tubs do meet those criteria, but what has not changed is sexually suggestive or explicit content is not allowed under the ToS, and Twitch will take action should it be reported to us.

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