Myanmar Activist Lit On Fire At Work By Fellow Worker

A pro-democracy activist was killed in an unprovoked attack in Monywa, Sagaing Region,  according to a witness to the incident.

On a recent morning, Taing Aung was talking to Sein Win, a 60-year-old factory worker, when a factory worker poured gasoline over his head and set him ablaze.

My friend Taing Aung, who was a friend of the victim, reported seeing him pour gasoline and then set him on fire. He shouted and said he tried to put out the flames.

As he told the press, he poured gasoline on him just like people do with water during the Thingyan water festival. 

Sein Win was immediately admitted to Monywa General Hospital, but died at around 11pm recently, he said. 

He had severe burns on his legs, hands, and head – almost all of his body. His face was blackened and his skin on his legs and hands was peeling off. 

The attacker was identified as Aung Ko, a resident of Monywa’s Myawaddy ward. He has not yet been captured. Media representatives could not reach police officials in Monywa for comment. Sein Win’s family plans to hold a funeral for him.Since 1988, Sein Win has been active in politics and campaigned for the NLD in the 1990 election. He is a supporter of the most powerful political party in Myanmar-the National League for Democracy (NLD).

Thin Thin Nwe, his daughter, said that his political activism often made life difficult for him and his family, including his three adult children. 

She explained that none of us applied for jobs that required documents or references from ward administrators or the police, since the regime actively discriminated against people who opposed its rule.

While her mother agreed with her father’s position, she noted that he taught her and some of her siblings what dictatorship was all about. 

After the military seized power on February 1st, 2021, Sein Win joined anti-regime protests in Monywa. He was also close to youth activists and supported Generation Z protesters’ anti-coup activities.

Thin Thin Nwe said that her father believed this revolution would succeed. He saw rays of hope, and so do we. I am very sad that my father will no longer be able to see our victory.

Additionally, Sein Win did charity work and wrote poetry, which was published in several magazines.

An anonymous poet in Monywa suggested that the motive for the attack was unlikely to be personal.

He was an honest and active charity worker and political activist.

At least nine civilians have been killed in violent crackdowns on anti-coup protesters in Monywa, including poet Kay Za Win and writer Kyi Lin Aye.

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