A New Solution To Stop COVID-19 in Phuket: Go After Expats Who Drink Beer

It seems that Phuket officials are so concerned about disease control orders banning parties and gatherings with friends, especially when alcohol is involved, that they’re searching for 4 foreigners who were caught drinking beer in a Rawai restaurant.

Based on a complaint from a woman who works for the district office, police raided the restaurant. The photos as well as a video showing a group of four foreign men and two Thai women were sent to the police showing their presence at Roxanne restaurant while she was out campaigning for face masks for locals.

Officials from the Muang District Office and Rawai Municipality also attended the restaurant. According to reports, men were seen leaving the restaurant on motorcycles just as 10 police officers and public officials arrived. The beer was still on the table when police arrived.

Officers took the owner of the restaurant and four of his employees to the Chalong Police Station. The owner faces charges of violating the provincial order that prohibits the sale and consumption of alcohol on the premises.

Just last week, police raided a home in Cherngtalay, breaking up a gathering of six people. Two UK citizens working in Phuket were fined 6,000 baht, while another four individuals are still waiting to appear at the police station.

As part of disease control measures to prevent the spread of Covid-19, and to prepare Phuket for a possible Covid-free reopening in July, officials have banned social activities and gatherings, except for traditional events like funerals. Foreigners who break the rules could be deported.

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