Some Old Games Are Going to Become New Games at SEGA

It’s possible that SEGA is planning a revival of classic games like Crazy Taxi and Jet Set Radio.
The publisher’s plans were revealed as part of its financial presentation covering the year ending March 2021. While the meeting primarily focused on financial results, SEGA also included some information about its future plans in the industry.
The company is also working on multiple other projects over the next five years, including remakes and reboots of older classics. In a slide from the presentation, SEGA specifically mentioned the Crazy Taxi IP as one of the projects under consideration.
Even though Crazy Taxi is currently looking at making a return for new-gen consoles, it is hoped that it will return as part of the company’s older back catalog.
As well as Crazy Taxi, the company is also planning to bring back Jet Set Radio and Virtua Fighter, as well as other dormant classics.
Apart from using older assets, SEGA is also planning to release a new first-person shooter, which will be handled by a European studio.
A recent job listing at Creative Assembly details several roles pertaining to a brand new first-person shooter IP.
As you might expect, SEGA is also planning to strengthen its existing IPs to build a solid structure in three years.
In 2021, SEGA showed off Sonic, Phantasy Star Online, Persona, Yakuza and Total War as its focal series. Unfortunately, there have not been any new Sonic games since 2020, but the publisher has sold over 4.4 million Sonic games in the last year alone.
SEGA is bound to be busy in the next five years. Hopefully, the company will revisit its back catalog as well as create new experiences for next-generation hardware.
SEGA may surprise everyone with its new super game, bringing something entirely new to the gaming industry.

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