Walk-ins COVID-19 Vaccinations in Thailand Will Not Be Done Until June

Authorities say Covid-19 vaccinations will be available for walk-ins only starting next month.
Recentlly, the government announced walk-in services would be available to anyone who wanted them free of charge in any province.
Many people contacted hospitals to schedule their shots on May 13th,2021, and even walked into vaccination sites to request them. However, they were disappointed to learn there were no vaccines available on a walk-in basis.
The services will be ready by June 2021, said Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha. “I told the BMA and the ministry to clarify so all misunderstandings can be averted,” he said.
PM Thaksin said he had told the Public Health Ministry and the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) to clarify things.
After inspecting Chulalongkorn University’s vaccination service, Gen Prayut confirmed the government plans to offer walk-in services if there are enough vaccine doses.
Each day, we will have vaccine doses in reserve. Rest assured that everyone will receive vaccine shots, the Thai PM said.
Gen Prayut said the government attached great importance to the industrial sector as it creates jobs and exports goods, key sources of income for the country.
Therefore, surveillance against transmissions in factories must be stepped up.
Additionally, he said that he was worried about every eatery and the service sector in general, which has been hit hard by the pandemic.
The PM promised that the government would take care of factory workers, public bus drivers, taxi motorcycle riders, taxi drivers, and delivery servicemen.
Thailand’s prime minister insisted that AstraZeneca’s vaccine would arrive next month as planned.
Anutin Charnvirakul, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Public Health confirmed there would be no delay, the PM said.
AstraZeneca’s Anutin assured that the vaccines would be delivered to the patient as promised on Thursday.
The country has also stockpiled Sinovac vaccines from China, he said.
The companies have told us that the vaccines are now in containers and awaiting shipment, Antin said.
Beginning next month, we will be able to vaccinate millions of people.
On June 7, 2021, the country planned to begin mass vaccinations, with 50 million people, or approximately 70% of the population, receiving vaccinations.
As only 10% of the 16 million targeted people – the elderly and those with seven chronic diseases – had registered for their shots, the government adjusted its plan by offering walk-in services instead.
According to Anutin, he proposed a walk-in service for those who wanted Covid-19 vaccinations after hearing the number of people registering for jabs was lower than expected.
Nevertheless, he said only 20% of vaccine doses had been set aside for walk-ins, so people should understand if they were not offered one.
Medical teams across the country are preparing walk-in services, said the minister, but he couldn’t speak for Bangkok because the capital isn’t the ministry’s responsibility

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