The Thai CAAT Wants Thai Airlines To Be Strict About Certificate of Entry

In accordance with the Foreign Ministry’s screening guidelines, the Civil Aviation Authority of Thailand (CAAT) has required that all airlines strictly examine the Certificate of Entry (CoE) of all foreign passengers before they arrive in Thailand.
Thailand’s embassy or consulate issues this letter within five days of the visa application to enable passport holders to board a special flight to get back home, a chartered flight, or a semi-commercial flight.
A Thai national returning from Pakistan has been found to have contracted the highly contagious Covid-19 strain circulating in India. He is currently in quarantine. The restriction came after the ministry moved to suspend the issuance of Certifications of Entry to Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Nepal.
The CAAT said airlines that allow foreigners to travel to Thailand without a certificate of entry would be responsible for transporting them back to their countries of origin
A variant from India named B.1.617.1 was first detected in October before spreading to other countries. Pakistan, Nepal, and Bangladesh were among the nations on the subcontinent which have reported the variant.
Several of the same strains have been detected in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Thailand, which have all kept foreign arrivals out of Thailand since the beginning of this month.

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