3 Journalists and 2 Activists From Myanmar Are On Trial For Illegally Enterting Thailand

Two activists and three journalists escaped to Thailand to get away from the oppression of the Myanmar government, only to fall victim to Thailand’s strict immigration laws.
In Thailand, they are being charged with entering the country illegally.
If they are found guilty, they will be deported back to Myanmar where they will probably be put in jail by the Myanmar junta.
Since the coup on February 1st, 2021, dozens of journalists have been arrested and charged in Myanmar.
Thousands have been detained and more than 700 people have been killed since the coup began.
While in custody, detainees have been tortured, with some prisoners dying from their injuries.
Police detained the five suspects in Chiang Mai, who have yet to be identified by Thai authorities.
There are three journalists from the well-known broadcaster Democratic Voice of Burma (DVB) as well as two activists.
If found guilty of illegal entry into Thailand, they could face immediate deportation.
The Myanmar government also referred to as Burma, has banned DVB from operating inside the country.
The broadcaster said it strongly urges the Thai authorities to not deport them back to Burma, as their life will be in serious danger if they were to return.
Furthermore, DVB urged the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees in Bangkok to assist.

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