The Myanmar Military Calls NUG A Terrorist Group

Myanmar’s military has declared that the National Unity Group (NUG) is a group of terrorists.
According to the state-controlled media, NUG is responsible for killings, arson, and bombings.
Since the military took over the government on February 1st, 2021, there have been nationwide protests and it has not backed down from its calls for a return to a democratic government.
Local militias and bombings occur daily in Myanmar, and there are strikes against the military causing the country to paralyze.
Nug, which calls the Myanmar military a terrorist organization, has announced that they are creating a People’s Defense Force to protect supporters from the Myanmar military. The force will be led by a defector.
Myanmar’s state television acknowledged the NUG, the People’s Defense Force, and deposed legislators CRPH were part of a terrorist network that threatened citizens, killed people, and set fire to government offices, damaging the administration.

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