Thai Health Workers Lied About Having COVID-19

The main reason why 512 health workers in 57 Thai provinces contracted the disease was that the patients were not entirely honest about their medical conditions with the hospitals. 

From April 1st to May 10th, 2021, 512 health workers, all about 30, had the COVID-19 infections, according to Taweesilp Visanu­yothin, spokesperson for the Centre for COVID-19 Situation Administration (CCSA). 

Dr Taweeslip noted that 56 per cent of these health workers had the symptoms.

One of the infected workers was a dentist who also had lung and health diseases died. Dr. Taweeslip believes that the number of symptomatic cases among the health workers in the third wave of COVID01-19 has been higher than in previous waves. 

A total of 512 health workers in 57 provinces have been infected by Covid-19, with the main cause being transmission from patients who failed to inform hospitals about their condition.

Taweeslip said that 35 per cent of the infected health workers are nurses, while the rest are physicians (10%) and dentists (5%).

Furthermore, 65% of them work at public hospitals while 29% work at private hospitals, according to Dr Taweesilp.

The CCSA reports that 137 infected health workers were found in Bangkok, 47 in Trang, 34 in Chon Buri, and 25 in Nakhon Pathom.

Among the infected, 265 were in contact with or provided care to patients who were infected.

A spokesman explained that these cases are a result of patients not informing hospitals about their risk of contracting Covid-19. He said the health workers had worked with some of the patients.

According to Dr Taweesilp, the Public Health Ministry is concerned about the spread of the disease among health workers.

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