Thai Bits: Expats In Thailand Can Set Appointment For Vaccine in June, BOI Promotion Working, Thai Holidays in May

Foreigners eligible to register for vaccines in June 2021

The Thai government has stated that foreigners living and working in Thailand will receive vaccinations and should be able to sign up in June, but the Mor Phrom app cannot register foreigners and the government is still working on a way of registering foreign residents.
Priority groups include medical workers, the elderly, people with one or more diseases, people living in clusters, people living in the border areas and foreign health volunteers.
As of June 1, foreigners working at embassies, international institutions and foreigners legally residing in Thailand will be eligible for the locally manufactured AstraZeneca vaccine based on their health and willingness to be vaccinated.

BOI promotion rose 143% year-on-year in Quarter 1

In the first quarter of 2021, foreign direct investment projects that applied for special BOI promotion rose 143 percent year on year. South Korea, China and Singapore dominated the top three source countries during the January-March quarter, with combined application value reaching 62 billion baht. Medical services grew the fastest. During April, 75 companies with an investment value of almost 8 billion baht applied for Foreign Business Licenses, focusing mainly on petroleum extraction, logistics services, mass transit services, advertising, and marketing.

Thai Holidays in May

Coronation Day, May 4th,2021
This celebrated the crowning of the current king of Thailand: Rama 10 or Maha Vajiralongkorn Bodindradebayavarangkun.

Royal Ploughing Day, May 10th, 2021`
In one of the Buddhist temples in Bangkok, a buffalo or cow goes around the temple 9 times as 9 is considered lucky in Thailand. After completing his journey, the buffalo or cow is given food. If it likes the food, it will be a good Thia harvest. IF it does not like the food, ti will be a bad harvest.

Visakha Bucha Day, May 26th,2021
The three major events in the life of Buddha are commemorated on Visakha Bucha Day: his birth, his enlightenment, and his death.
During Visakha Bucha Day, the devout visit their local temples to attain merit by giving donations and participating in various rituals. During their stay, they listen to sermons on Buddha’s teachings, meditate, recommit themselves to follow the precepts of Buddhism, and serve food to temple workers. Some also set free birds or fish as a method of eliminating negative karma.
Thai law prohibits the sale of alcoholic beverages on Visakha Bucha Day, so many bars close temporarily. Many of Thailand’s celebrations are religious and private, but tourists are allowed to visit the many temples.

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