Phuket Is Getting HIt Hard By COVID-19

According to an epidemiologist at Phuket’s main government hospital, Vachira Phuket Hospital, there could be a shortage of ICU beds soon.
A live press conference was held by the governor of Phuket this morning where the doctor explained that with the spread of the B.117 variant, which is more contagious, the number of beds will increase rapidly as infection numbers rise across the province.
One-third of infections in COVID-19 in Phuket have pneumonia symptoms, while only 10% of patients have severe symptoms (light pneumonia) while 30% have light signs (no pneumonia), and 50% have no signs at all. Still, the health care system may be overwhelmed with even 10% of cases.
At the government hospital, there are 200 beds available, but only 19 ICU beds for severe cases. ICU beds are already half full and the number of pneumonia patients who may need those beds soon is growing rapidly. A bed occupancy of 80 percent is a critical situation in the ICU.
Experts warn that Phuket must slash the number of new infections immediately to avoid an ICU bed shortage catastrophe.
Health officials will expand proactive screening to other at-risk areas, including Rawai, Cherng Talay, and Mai Khao, and hope that proactive screening will be more effective than asking people to take self quarantines for 14 days.
Currently, Phuket has received 476 people for Covid-19, and all but 1 are from the province. 253 have been discharged from the hospital, and the remaining patients are spread between seven hospitals, while an additional 73 are receiving treatment at field hospitals.
Recently, outbreaks have spread to different locations, like The Town of Phuket, Cherng Talay, Wichit, and Rassada currently marked as hotspots.
The government is encouraging people to call 191 to report areas that may have many infections. The governor promised that medical staff would then provide proactive testing and treat those with Covid-19 already to slow the spread of the disease and prevent an ICU bed shortage in Phuket.

Here are the latest figures for infections around Phuket:

Wichit ‒ 48 infections
Patong ‒ 45
Phuket Town 44 (Talad Yai 27, Talad Neua 17)
Rassada ‒ 44
Cherng Talay ‒ 43
Kathu ‒ 38
Chalong ‒ 34
Kamala ‒ 32
Srisoonthorn ‒ 29
Rawai ‒ 26
Thepkrasattri ‒ 19
Koh Kaew ‒ 13
Pa Khlok ‒ 10
Mai Khao ‒ 8
Sakhu ‒ 8
Karon ‒ 7

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