The Thai DES Is Watching The Internet and It Does Not Like What It Sees

May 1st, 2021 was the birth of the new Facebook group Let’s Move Abroad and the Thai Economy and Society (DES) Ministry is closely watching this group.
This group does not like how the Thai government has handled the COVID-19 pandemic.
After four days, the group has grown quickly to about 650,000 members who share tips about working and studying abroad. The government alleges that posts about Thai politics and the Thai Royal Family have been put on this group. They are considered sensitive issues.
Chaiwut Thanakhamnusorn, the Thai DES Minister, said that the working panel at DES is watching this group closely and is going to take legal action against a post that they feel is illegal. In general, the groups does provide good information about living and studying about. He thinks that this type of information should be encouraged.
Many state agencies, like the Ministry of Higher Education, Science, Research, and Innovation, and the Education Ministry, do support Thais that want to seek a career or study overseas.
DES Minister does admit that many posts may look like that they are just offering tips that actually have a political agenda. They want to offend the Royal institution and to cause divisiveness.
Chaiwut wants group members not to share data or advice that could hurt the relationship between Thailand and other countries. For example, they should not provide info about how to get through immigration checks in other countries.
The DES minister has a warning for group members that they should watch out for scammers that go after people who want to work and study abroad.
There is a digital Big Brother in Thailand and it is apparently the DES.

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