The New Thai Platform To Make Vaccinationa Appoinments Still Has A Few Bugs

If you were in Thailand on Saturday, May 1st, 2021 and you tried on the Mor Prom platform to register for a COVID-19 vaccine, you probably had a problem registering. You were not the only one. There were so many people that registered at once that the system crashed.
At last count, 300,000 people had registered for a vaccine appointment.
At press time around 300,000 had registered for a vaccine jab. Health authorities said targeted people still have time to register until the end of this month.
The Mor Platform started Saturday through a LINE account and an application for the first group: people with chronic diseases and the elderly.
Over 60s make up about 11.7 million of the elderly group, while people with chronic diseases make up about 4.3 million.
The Public Health Ministry believes about 70 percent of eligible people were likely to do vaccine registration. The vaccinations will start June 7th, 2021.
Dr. Ponsadhorn Pokparmdee, an advisor to the Public Health Ministry, said that the staff had gotten good feedback, despite the problems.
The system did have delays in the morning as some hospitals did not have open spaces in time for reservations, especially in Bangkok, where only 24 hospitals had open appointments
The Public Health Ministry said about 70% of eligible people were likely to register for vaccination. The jabs will start on June 7th, 2021.
Luckily, after talking to the hospitals, 134 hospitals had open slots in the afternoon.
There were around a million people eligible that could not register because their names did not appear in the system, as they did not get the data from the hospitals. They can register later.
The Public Health ministry advisor said that the vaccinations could only be done in hospitals because the people in this group needed to be taken care of by the hospital staff.
There are 1,200 state-owned hospitals and many privately owned hospitals that can provide free vaccinations.
A large-scale hospital could provide vaccines to 600 people daily, while a community hospital could serve 360 people daily. It is expected that the first phase will be completed within 54 days.
You have until the end of this month to make your reservation, and we have already provided about 20 million slots for everyone, the advisor told a press conference.
As per a survey conducted by the ministry, around 40-60% of people initially agreed to a vaccination, which increased to 70% after the recent outbreak.
Dr. Pongsadhorn expects around 70% of people to get the vaccine, which means five million doses will remain for other groups.
Those aged 60 and over can register in July 2021 and the jabs will start in August 2021.
Taweesilp Visanuyothin, a spokesman for the Covid-19 Situation Administration (CCSA), said the ministry is responsible for the booking system.
Mor Prom is a registration channel. Today is the first day, he said.
Besides hospitals and village health volunteers, he suggested two other channels. He apologized on behalf of the team and said there was still one month to prepare the database for vaccinations.
Dr. Taweesilp said all eligible people should register and the data will be compared to the database in their area. If all goes well, they can get the shots.
On the internet, netizens shared their experiences accessing the Mor Prom application. Some users complained that they were not able to select the hospital they wanted, the reservations were full, and the steps complicated.
One Twitter user had a 65-year-old father and could not locate his name. He was instructed to contact the hospital directly.
Many people couldn’t make reservations despite the screen showing it was available. Some found their names were missing despite the fact they were eligible.
A woman said that the government should let private hospitals provide the vaccines.

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  1. Carlos Collier Says:

    I am 61 and have diabetes, heart disease but as a farang I have no confidence that I will be prioritised

    • tomtardis Says:

      to be hnest, I don’t any foreigner will be prioritized. I think most foreigners will be last in line to get the vaccine.
      ALl I know is that foreginers are getting it free. Thais will start getting June 7th. When will we get it? WHo knows?

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