Doom Eternal Has Paid Skins After ALL

Even though id Software promised that paid skins wouldn’t make their way into DOOM Eternal, they have.
Since the game launched in March 2020, id Software has provided DOOM Eternal with tons of free cosmetic content. Many players wouldn’t mind the occasional paid cosmetic. However, this case is different because the developer said it wouldn’t get paid cosmetics then added them.
DOOMicorn Master Collection Cosmetic Pack (which was a Prime Gaming exclusive) and Series One Cosmetic Pack (which was free DLC in the first season) are the two pieces of DLC in question.
A few months ago Bethesda slipped the Rip ‘N Tear cosmetic DLC into DOOM Eternal. Because it was a pre-order incentive, most people didn’t mind it.
The issue here is that id Software previously responded to a fan, stating that DOOM Eternal would not have a store where you can buy items for real-world money.
It’s fine if they want to add paid cosmetics to a game. We know that money has to be made, and id Software is a business. However, some people think that some fans might take issue with the contradiction in the statements.
Whenever you plan on introducing paid cosmetics into a game, just be honest and upfront with fans, and don’t go back on your word. Some people think that most people would appreciate this honesty.
Hopefully, DOOM Eternal won’t turn into a slippery slope and become an in-game microtransaction-fest with an in-game store that pushes the FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) strategy.
That said, DOOM Eternal is a fantastic game and you should play it if you haven’t already.

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