COVID-19 Infections Down, But Deaths Going Up in Thailand

Rrecently, there has been been a decrease in COVID-19 infections in Thailand. The problem is that the pandemic critical cases and deaths are increasing. The pandemic is far from over in Thailand.
The Center for COVID-19 Situation Administration (CCSA) put out a notice recently that people should still be vigilant about the pandemic and not do unnecessary activities like holiday traveling
CCSA says we need to look at the overall situation before celebrating this week’s falling numbers. In Bangkok and in Thailand as a whole, the number of new Covid-19 infections reported fell with the passing of each consecutive day. Meanwhile, the number of critically ill Covid-19 patients is increasing on each consecutive day of the week. A daily rise in the number of people needing ventilators matched this rise in numbers.
These crucial statistics point to a crisis as hospitals struggle to provide adequate care for infected patients and the need for Thailand to continue to fight the virus and avoid falling into desperate medical supply and space issues like India.
In the Klong Toey district of Bangkok, 9.57% of people tested positive for Covid-19. And in the poorest neighborhoods of Bangkok, 5.17% of people tested positive for Covid-19.
Thousands of infection clusters spread across the country during the same period, so infection clusters in entertainment venues can still be linked to current outbreaks.
The nightclubs, bars, and nightlife hotspots where 7,755 Covid-19 cases occurred, most of them in Bangkok, contributed to the outbreak.
People traveling to their hometowns and back during Songkran spread Covid-19 throughout the country. With the number of Covid-19 critical cases increasing, CCSA implores people to avoid unnecessary travel to avoid another spread.

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