People in Myanmar and Human Rights Groups Don’t Like New Agreement With Myanmar Military

On the last weekend of April 2021, ASEAN and Myanmar agreed to use meditation to resolve the Myanmar crisis.
People in Myanmar and human rights groups did not like the agreement between Min Aun Hlaing and ASEAN leaders to end violence in Myanmar on February 1st, 2021. It did not talk about restoring democracy or holding the military accountable for all of the adults and children they killed.
There have been no protests in Myanmar’s big cities since the weekend.
On Saturday, a Facebook user said that the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) said the agreement was a slap in the face for the people who have been abused by the Myanmar military. The Myanmar people do not like that viewpoint and attitude.
the current ASEAN chairman stated that the agreement was based on five points: a visit to Myanmar, a special ASEAN envoy to mediate negotiations, acceptance of aid, dialogue among all parties, and ending violence.
There was no mention of political prisoners in the agreement, and their pleas were discussed.
Human Rights Watch deputy Asia director Phil Robertson said ASEA cannot cover up what is happening with political prisoners.
The Myanmar people were not represented at the meeting on the weekend.

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