The Thai PM Makes Vaccination Distribution His Top Priority

Thai Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha has decided that will be his main national priority. This follows a meeting with his advisors on April 27th, 2021. They said there must be a practical process for distribution.
Prayut announced in a Facebook post that the government will receive more vaccines, with the ultimate goal of making 10 to 15 million doses available for distribution per month.
In partnership with the private sector, the government is trying to ensure the existence of more inoculation facilities so as to ease the burden on public health officials and hospitals in the national vaccination program. The speaker talked about places like private hospitals, hotels, sports stadiums, and conference halls where vaccinations would be done.
He will ensure that the vaccine distribution is systematic and effective. He will directly communicate the integrated structure to private organizations and agencies.
Due to the new processes, Thailand should be able to achieve its goal of about 300,00 doses being administered every day. This means that 50 million people should be vaccinated this year.
Nothing is said about what happens to foreigners in Thailand.

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