A Man Nearly Assassinated The Developers of RPG Game Genshin Impact

The Shanghai police arrested a man for allegedly attempting to assassinate the creators of Genshin Impact.
The man used a knife to gain access to MiHoYo’s offices recently but was eventually caught by police. No one was hurt during this incident, and the man is now in jail.
The man was angry about another game by the company called Honkai Impact 3rd. MiHoiYo is probably best known for its role-playing game Genshin Impact.
Honkai Impact 3rd is a 3D mobile game with hack-and-slash elements. Recently, the creative team apologized for the contents of the game that were seen as offensive.
The cause of the incident is unclear. It could be related to the Honkai Impact 3rd game or not. What is clear is that this incident demonstrates the dangers publishers and game developers face when they are in charge of video games.
Genshin Impact will soon have a new PS5 port.
In other MiHoYo related news, Genshin Impact is getting a PS5 port this week. A 4K resolution, enhanced textures, and faster loading times will be available in the new version of Genshin Impact, due to be released on the 28th of April 2021. With a player base of more than 21.3 million, Genshin Impact has continued to gain popularity since its release last year.
Genshin Impact is available on the PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, iOS, Android, and PC. A PS5 version of the game will also be available on 28th April 2021.

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