Thai PM Gets Fined For Not Wearing Face Mask at Cabinet Meeting by Bangkok Governor

Even if you prepare everything beforehand, there is always a chance that you will forget something. The Thai PM was fined about 6,000 baht when the Bangkok governor found out he forgot his mask for the cabinet meeting.
After the cabinet meeting, a photo of the PM without a mask was shared on the Prime Minister’s Facebook page. It was deleted later, but too late. Netizens already noticed that he had forgotten to wear a mask to an April 26th, 2021 meeting.
At the end of the cabinet meeting on April 26th, 2021, Bangkok Governor Asiwin Kwarmuang went to the Government House to meet with an officer from the Dusit district police station in Bangkok and the Metropolitan Police Bureau chief. When he met with the PM, he revealed that he violated the law by wearing a face mask in public and was fined 6,000 Thai baht. The usual maximum fine for this offense is 20,000 Thai baht. It could be less for a first-time offense.
Afterward, when the Bangkok governor spoke to the media, he said the prime minister was happy to pay the fine. This could be an example for us all.

Note: Bangkok is a province rather than a city, so it has a governor to manage it, not a mayor.

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