Sony Gets AI That Helps You Play Video and PC Games

Sony has applied for a patent for an AI that could become your virtual Player 2.
Apparently, the patent describes an AI that can be assigned to a player profile and used to play specific tasks during gaming applications.
An abstract of the patent can be found on the WIPO IP Portal:
A gaming method includes assigning a default game play profile to a user, wherein the default game play profile contains a default game play style that simulates human game play, and wherein the default game play profile is configured to control game play based on the default game play style. The method includes monitoring a plurality of game plays by the user across various gaming applications. The method includes adjusting the default game play style based on the plurality of game plays, which includes a user game play style customized just for the user. The method includes controlling an instance of the first gaming application based on the user’s game play profile.
It can be a little redundant to let an AI play a game for you, but there are times when it may come in handy. A computer could perform repetitive tasks during a game, such as grinding for experience or traveling across a large open map. Automation could also be a great way to give players a break, allowing them to step away from their consoles or just watch.
Because the AI can be programmed to mimic human actions, it could be possible to play It Takes Two alone in the absence of another human. While the patent only describes the functionality of the AI, it will be interesting to see how it is used in the future.

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