Myanmar Soldiers Raided Buddhist Monastery To Arrest Rebel Monk

On April 25th, 2021, in the region Sagain in Myanmar, Myanmar soldiers raided a Buddhist monastery to search for a monk who has been the leader of anti-coup protestors.
Inside the monastery, the soldiers destroyed a bamboo building and took 24 computers that were being used to teach Myanmar IT students.
They were unable to find Thaw Pa Ka, the rebel monk that they were looking for, inside the monastery as he was not there.
Pa Ka did come back to the monastery and found military boot prints all over the compound. A load of soldiers showed up and started to search the place, even the toilets.
The soldiers also went through the boxes where the novice monks kept their belongings.
The raid on the last weekend in April 2021 was the second time that they tried to arrest the monk this month. On April 2nd, 2021, the soldiers tried to arrest him in the village that lives in, but the locals fought the soldiers with homemade rifles. Four locals were injured. Soldiers also suffered casualties in this clash.
This is not the only time that he criticized the government. He participated in the Saffron (the color of the Buddhist monk’s robes) Revolution.
Seventeen trucks brought the soldiers for the raid on Saturday.

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