ASEAN Will Work With Myanmar To Resolve Crisis

The Myanmar military leader did not reject a proposal to stop violence against Myanmar citizens at the Association of South-East Nations (ASEAN) summit.
The proposal came after ASEAN leaders had their emergency meeting with Min Aung Hlaing, a leader of the Myanmar regime, in Jakarta, Indonesia. Malaysian PM Najib Razak said it went well beyond expectations.
As the first ASEAN meeting since the Myanmar regime took control of the government on February 1st, 2021, this was the first ASEAN meeting after the military junta took over the country.
Human rights groups that monitor the Myanmar military believe that hundreds of unarmed protestors have been killed by the Myanmar military since the coup.
Prime Minister Lee said the Myanmar general was not opposed to an ASEAN delegation visiting Myanmar. ASEAN members agreed to a proposal to quell the conflict.
The ASEAN wants to start a dialogue with Myanmar, to allow aid to reach the country, to release political detainees, and to appoint a special ASEAN representative to Myanmar (Burma).
The ASEAN wrote a five-point statement on the Myanmar crisis that calls for an immediate ceasefire and for all parties to exercise restraint. Since the military coup, Myanmar, an ASEAN member, has been in chaos.
ASEAN’s document of April 25th called for dialogue to resolve the crisis.
In addition, the statement stated that all parties should find a peaceful solution in the interests of the people.
The ASEAN Secretary-General will send a special envoy to mediate with the assistance of the ASEAN Special Envoy.
ASEAN will provide humanitarian aid, and the ASEAN representatives will meet with all parties involved in the crisis.

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