The Thai Immigration Online Reporting System Is Up and Running Again

The Immigration Bureau is now allowing foreigners to submit 90-day reports or notifications online once again.
According to immigration authorities, the online reporting system has been down for many months.
Deputy Commander of the Immigration Bureau, Police Major General Achayon Kraitong, believes online reporting is essential to reduce the number of people going to Immigration offices during the COVID-19 epidemic.
Expats in Thailand have been complaining about the frequent outages of the online reporting system at a time when the pandemic has been a major concern. Even when the system was working, it did not always save your 90-day form (TH47).
With the online reporting system, foreigners no longer have to go to the Immigration office every time they have to report. They don’t have to mail the form through the mail. Furthermore, Achayon believes it will also reduce travel costs and time spent traveling to and from the office.
The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) announced that the Entry Thailand online platform is now available for international visitors who have received vaccinations and are considering visiting the country.
The one-stop platform highlights the necessary preparations visitors must make in advance of their visit, in line with government policy to gradually reopen to tourists who have been fully vaccinated against the coronavirus.
International visitors who have received one or both recommended shots (depending on the brand) of a vaccine registered with the Ministry of Public Health or approved by the WHO no less than 14 days before travel can apply to have their quarantine reduced to seven days.

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