Expats in Thailand Angry Over Having To Pay 500 Baht For COVID-19 Test While Thais Get It For Free

Thai Expats are angry with Phuket officials for making foreigners pay for rapid COVID-19 tests. Thais aren’t required to pay for tests.
This new requirement is part of the new restrictions that have been instituted in response to the pandemic.
The price for the test is 500 baht, but that is not what has angered Thai Expats. What has angered them is that on the first day of the restrictions Thais and Thai Expats had to pay for the test. Thais did not have to pay for the tests on the second day of the restrictions, and they are continuing to do so. This has angered foreigners all over Thailand.
The first person to share the news about the test was travel blogger Richard Barrow on Facebook. He received more than 400 comments about it. Most people were unhappy with Thais paying nothing for it.
One Expat said that he knew Thailand was xenophobic but thinks this is a disgrace and that he will no longer do business there.
One Thai Expat said he has paid taxes for 16 years and is happy to take his business elsewhere.
There was at least one Thai person who didn’t approve of the policy.
He feels very ashamed about how his country or his government wants to continue its corruption without any remorse. They have no shame about robbing people.
From Monday, April 18th, 2021, anyone coming to Phuket from another Thai city or town will have to take the Rapid Pandemic Test. IF they have received both doses of the vaccine, they don’t have to take the test.
All foreigners will be required to pay 500 baht for the pandemic test, regardless of whether they pay taxes or have been in Thailand for many years. Thais will get it free. It’s the principle, not the price, that’s making foreigners angry.
People who work in Thailand or have work permits are especially angry, as they’ve been paying taxes for years. Phuket issued an explanation, but it’s not very helpful.
If you don’t pass the test, you will be sent to a field hospital for a 14-day stay.
Unfortunately, this is not the first time that Thai Expats have had to pay more than Thais. If you go to certain Thai national parks, an Expat will have to pay more than Thais for certain things in Thailand. A Thai repair person probably thinks that he can charge an Expat more than Thais. A taxi or Tuk Tuk drivr thinks that they can charge an Expat more than a Thai. A bar that caters to foreigners most likely more expensive than a bat that caters to Thais. The payment for the test is not the first time that Thais have discriminated against foreigners and it will probably not be the last.

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