The Myanmar Military Accuses Human Right Monitoring Group Of Inflating Deaths

AAPP, the Assistance Association for Political Prisoners, claims that the Myanmar military regime has been inflating the number of deaths since the February 1 coup. The AAPP thinks the Myanmar military is trying to conceal the atrocities they have committed since taking over the government.
Myanmar’s military junta said that the AAPP’s count of 700 people dead is inflated. The junta believes that only 250 people died, and the victims were simply rioters.
In the opinion of the military, most of the deaths occurred during roadblock clearing operations or during attacks on soldiers. Another 11 died in a variety of circumstances including shootings and fights between protesters.
According to the AAPP, the military junta’s claim was not supported by any proof. The AAPP publishes a daily list of deaths with the names of the children, their fathers, and how they were killed.
The AAPP did not mention how it verified its list; it simply numbered the bodies when it determined the total number.
The AAPP group says that their death list of 738 people on April 20th,2021, is not inflated. The people on the list have been killed in various ways by police, soldiers, or government people working without uniforms. They have been tied up, dragged by motorcycles, beaten to death, burned alive, tortured, and shot to death.
The AAPP lists are online for free every day. They are meant for everyone to access.
It is a Myanmar military tactic to cover up its atrocities and commit crimes against humanity by making allegations against AAPP.
Mya Thwe Khine, the first protester to be killed after the coup, is believed to be a rioter. Kyal Sin, too, was supposed to be a rioter when he was shot in the head in March 2021.
A good example was Yar Zar Aung. The military claimed he was a COVID-19 victim, even though he had been severely beaten and shot in the knee. before he was taken to a hospital in Myanmar.
The Myanmar military has a long history of lying about why people have died. They also don’t mind being vague about the number of people who actually died.

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