Thailand Has The COVID-19 Hotline Blues

The Thai prime minister, General Prayut Chan-o-cha, plans to make the COVID-19 hotlines more efficient after people complained that they couldn’t get through.
The general has repeatedly instructed the agencies in charge of the hotlines to fix this problem. Although he doesn’t blame anyone for being unable to answer the calls, he doesn’t like when his assistant rang one of the hotlines and no one answered. He wants the hotlines fixed soon.
Gen Prayut wants the Thai military to use their ambulances to transport people. He also learned that private hospitals don’t want to receive patients because they have limited bed capacity.
He said the problem of limited bed capacity for COVID-19 patients was a Bangkok issue and admitted that some patients didn’t have beds allocated for them.
Jadej (pronounced Jah-Det) , the head of the National Hospital Security Office, (NHSO) said that the problem wasn’t that there weren’t enough beds, but that it was too many players involved in finding beds for patients. To eliminate bureaucracy, the NHSO would coordinate three hotlines to expedite the process of finding beds for patients.
Dr. Jadej suggests that patients with mild symptoms wait at home until they get a bed. The hospitals will call the infected patients every six hours. If their symptoms got worse, they should notify the hospital immediately.
Healthcare workers will place asymptomatic patients in field hospitals or hospitals within one day if they are sick.
Dr. Jadej assured that the field hospitals follow disease prevention standards. He urged infected people to seek field hospitals instead of waiting for a bed to be available.
Typically, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) advocate for people to remain in quarantine until they have their results. After receiving their test results, people should seek the advice of the facility that administered the test.
According to the spokeswoman for the Thai CDC, the hospitals will distribute beds based on the infected people’s symptoms.

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