Play A New Fan Version of Life is Strange

Fans of the game Life Is Strange to have created an unofficial sequel to the first version of the game.
This new version of Life is Strange after the launch of the original, created by Yiannis Soukoulis, recalls the events that would come after the player’s decision to save Chloe from Arcadia Bay. This new version is described on Yiannis’s YouTUbe channel.
Originally created as an academic exercise, Yiannis’ version of Life is Stange turned into an effort to make a fully-fledged version of this game.
Yiannis developed a Life Is Strange: After The Storm version as a college project, but he made so much progress that he decided to share it with the public.
Square Enix did create and release a sequel called Life is Strange 2. This version has different characters and stories.
A real Life is Strange fan ought to check out Life is Strange: After The Storm. It should make Square Enix think about making a sequel that continues the storyline that began in Life is Strange One.

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