Myanmar Military Sentences Many People To Death

Legal experts said that the Myanmar military is doing this to instill fear in the population as a result of the announcement that a group of Myanmar people will be sentenced to death by the Myanmar military.
A video broadcast by the Myanmar military revealed recently that 19 people in the North Okkaloa township have been sentenced to death for killing an army officer’s associate, beating an officer, and stealing guns from soldiers. These crimes were committed in late March 2021.
There are actually 17 people who have been tried without being there. Two people, Aung Aung Htet and Bo Bo Thu, have been captured.
According to a lawyer for the protesters, the Myanmar military is hypocritical because they have been killing people on the streets.
According to a state-run newspaper, a military tribunal sentenced seven people to death for killing a woman in Hlaing Tharyuar on March 15, 2021. Four have been captured in the meantime, while three are still on the run.
As a result of the military taking over the civilian government in 1988, the death penalty has been on the books. Kyi Myint, a lawyer, said that no executions have ever taken place.
Myint is optimistic that the military will continue not to execute people. He believes that they are just scared people. Since 1988, many people have been sentenced to death, but no one has actually been killed.
According to Myo Aumg, a lawyer in Myawaddy, Karen State, the military simply wants people to fear them and bow to them.
Myanmar’s legal system applies the death penalty at the level of the district civil court. An appeal must be dismissed within seven days. Death sentences can only be overturned if the President decides they should be. Death sentences are only final if the President orders them to be.
Since the coup, you can appeal to the military council or the Yangon Regional Command.
According to a Maynmar lawyer, the law is used to strengthen the administrative mechanism.
According to a volunteer group in this township, the Maynmar armed forces killed about 30 people in North Okkalap and injured dozens of civilians on March 3, 2021.

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