COVID-19 Vaccine Drive To Start in June In Thailand

The Department of Disease Control says that they are sticking to their plan to have a national COVID-19 inoculation in June. This drive will start with six million locally-produced AstraZeneca vaccines.
AstraZeneca and Siam Bioscience formed a partnership to develop 61 million jabs by the end of 2021. Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha assured the public that the manufacturing is proceeding as planned.
Directing the Division of Disease Control Emergency Situation (could they think of a shorter name? ), Chawetsan Namwat said the Health Ministry will not delay the distribution of vaccines to the Thai people.
According to Chawetsan, about 590,000 Sinovac and AstraZeneca shots have been given to people. The number will go up as more people get the vaccine.
As far as Dr. Chawetsan is concerned, people will be able to receive the vaccine AstraZeneca sends to his health department. So far, so good with his plan.
Starting Feb. 28th to recently, 590,000 doses of Sinovac and AstraZeneca vaccines were sent to all 77 provinces.
According to Dr. Chawetsan, 510,000 have gotten the first shot, and about 80,000 have gotten the second shot.
In the department’s data, 40.4% of shots were given to medical staff, 40.3% to people living in high-risk areas, 4.4% to people with non-communicable diseases, 5.1% to people over 60, and 9.6% to officials.
Regarding the production of the AstraZeneca vaccines, the company will ship 10 million doses per month from July to November, but only 5 million doses will be shipped in December.

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