Starbreeze Has Formed New Partnership To Get Payday: Crime War Off The Ground

Starbreeze has found a new publishing partnership to relaunch Payday: Crime War, the mobile spin-off of its flagship shooter series.
Back in 2019, Payday: Crime War was soft-launched as part of a partnership with NBC Universal. The game was a four-vs-four mobile shooter with players taking on either the cops’ or heists’ role.
It was shut down by the end of the year as Starbreeze sought a new publisher — now revealed to be PopReach, which provides mobile games such as Smurfs’ Village.
PopReach will cover all costs for development, marketing, live operations, and user acquisition going forward.
The company will also receive the source code for Crime War and Payment Day 2, but Starbreeze retains all IP rights.
After launch, Starbreeze will receive a $250,000 payment and tiered royalties on net sales.
In the meantime, the company has reassigned the five Barcelona team members who were still working on the game to Payday 3.
As a result of hard times, Starbreeze nearly faced insolvency in 2018. However, a period of reconstruction enabled it to pay off most of its creditors by the end of 2020.
Last year, its losses shrank from $54.7 million to $15.8 million — a significant improvement on the $54.7 million loss reported in 2019.
Now, the company is focusing on the highly anticipated Payday 3, launching in 2023 as part of a €50 million deal with Koch Media.

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