Myanmar Teen Killed in Her Home By Myanmar Soldiers On Deadliest Day In Crackdown

According to the Assistance Association for Political Prisoners (Burma), the Myanmar military has killed over 700 people since it took over the government on February 1st, 2020.
In Burma, more and more people will die as long as the crackdown continues. Some of the people who have been killed are anti-coup protesters, while others have been children. These children were mostly at home when they were killed.
Pan Ei Phyu, a t4-year-old who made more than a dozen pro-democracy videos for TikTok, was a strong backer of the Maynmar pro-democracy movement.
Her mother, Thida San, feared for her life and would not let her participate in the street protests. This did not save her life.
March 27th, 2021 is considered to be the deadliest day of the crackdown. 114 people including Phyu and 11 children were killed on this day.
The first time Phyu fell, her mother just thought she had slipped. But then she saw the blood on her back. That is when her mother realized that Phyu had been shot.
Her full name in English was Soft White Flower.
She said her mother told her that her daughter was beautiful when she was born. She was like a soft little flower. This is why she chose her full name.
She was a very helpful member of the house, according to her mother.
She thinks that she should have died instead of her daughter. She feels that her life is not worth living with her child.
Her brother, Mg Sai Sai, 10, did not sleep the first night after she died. He watched her TikTok videos all night long.
Phyu’s family moved quickly because they felt that their lives were in danger. Her mother feels that they are no longer safe.

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