Nintendo Is Going to Create More Original Series While Maintaining the Old Series

Shuntaro Furokawa, the head of Nintendo, says that the company will emphasize original games while still supporting its core franchises like the Marion Bros. franchise.
Furukawa believes that his company’s future partly depends on making new franchises for the Switch.
Nintendo has mostly focused on increasing its existing IPs over the last few years. It has released Mario franchise games on a regular basis. Its future is centered on its current franchises while also trying to take on its competition.
Furukawa does not think that the games are a necessity of life. His cusomers will choose games that are interesting. He thinks that the compeition is tough and he is not optimistic.
In the future, Furukawa’s company will focus on new game series as well as classic franchises like Zelda and Mario.
His company will explore the possibility of introducing new hardware and developing new technology.
According to Furukawa, his company is constantly developing ideas for new kinds of consoles the market expects.
In 2017, the Nintendo Switch had been launched. The Wii Us, its predecessor, had been discontinued in 2017. He expects the Switch to be on the market for the next four years.
Furukawa and his company believe they are in the middle of the Switch’s lifecycle. With its versatility, Nintendo can offer different kinds of software. The lifecycle of Switch can be extended.
Switch will be around for a while and Nintendo won’t forget its roots.

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