Myanmar Refugees Are Fleeing to India

India has turned out to be one of the most popular places that Myanmar nationals are going to after fleeing their country.
It is not easy to get into Insia. It took Makhi, a Maynmar national, three time to get into India. On the third attempt, she use a dirt path through a forest to get into Inia. Others had to use an underground sewer that connects villages on both sides of the border.
Makhai, a 42-year-old, fled from her border district of Tamu, earlier in April. She came with her daughter and her sisters. They ended up in the Indian state of Manupur. She felt that her family had to save themselves.
Makhai felt that she had to escape now. She did not think that she had another chance.
Her country, Myanmar (Burma), is in the grip of violence. After the coup on February 1st, 2021, the Myanmar military has been trying to crushing the protests in the most violent way possible. They have even been killing children.
Rights groups believe that the Myanmar military has killed about 600 people. 43 of them have been children. According to Makhai, the soliders have been forcing themselves into people people’s house. They then rape and kill civilians.
People have witnessed the military killing on the streets as well as their home. They may have killed a six-year-old at home who was running to hug her father.
Zaw Hin, a Maynmar spokesperson, claimed that hte military would never shoot a kid inside their home. If somethng like that happened, the army would investigate such an incident.
Reports of child shootings have been widespread and the world is not happy about it.
Makhsi feels thst her people are scared to live in their homes. Her family had to spend many nights in the forest.
Ar first, the Manipur governmetn in India told its officials to turn away the Myanmar officils. They then changed their minds due to public backlash and will now let the refugees into the country.

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