Eventually There Will Be 4 COVID-19 Vaccines Available in Thailand

COVID-19 is being stockpiled as well as being purchased by the Government Pharmaceutical Organization (GPO) to deal with the recent third pandemic wave that has infected approximately 4,000 people.
One of the drugs that GPO has stockpiled is Favipiravir. This drug has been saved for treating pandemic sufferers and will be distributed to medical facilities to ensure they have a constant supply.
On Monday, April 12th, 2021, the GPO had about 412,000 Favipiravir tablets in stock while about 500,000 tablets had been ordered.


Aurchart Kanjanapitak, chairman of Ramkamhaeng Hospital, informed the public that privately imported vaccines from three manufacturers will be available in the second half of this year for around 2,000 baht a dose.
Among the three vaccines that will possibly become available locally later this year, three vaccinations were announced by Dr. Aurvahrd that were available only to people outside of the at-risk groups.
The likely cost for a shout would be around 2,000 baht.
Johnson and Johnson registered its COVID-19 vaccine with the Food and Drug Administration. The ETA for the first shipment is about October 2021. The vaccine should be found in private hospitals. This, according to Dr. Aurchart, makes sure that no side effects or risks will appear.
The GPO is going to bring the Moderna vaccine to the market. However, this vaccine has not been FDA-registered yet. It won’t be available until August if the GPO files for registration.
The Russian vaccine Sputnik V is also not registered. The entity that will be importing it remains unclear. However, if registration is achieved, the vaccine will be expedited and could be distributed in Thailand in June.
Opas Karnkawinpong, director-general at the Department of Disease Control, says that the national vaccination program is on schedule to have one million Simovac COVID-19 vaccines in the mail the first week of April.
The vaccine will be checked before being sent to all 77 Thai provinces.

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