Consumers and Mobile Marketers Are Split Over New Apple Tracking Policy

Marketers don’t seem to comprehend why iPhone users are concerned about Apple’s upcoming privacy policy revisions.
This is one of the concerns from a recent report by MarketMuse and AppFlyer called Personal Data, Privacy, and Smartphones: The Marketer/Consumer Disconnect. The report is based on two comprehensive surveys of about 150 mobile marketing executives and about 1,500 consumers.
One of the main differences that the report highlights is the extent to which online privacy worries influence consumer behavior. 44 percent of consumers believe that privacy is a concern, while only 16 percent of marketers believe the same.
As part of Apple’s new policy that applications can ask you permission to monitor users across websites and across apps, consumers and mobile markets differ on how many potential customers will opt-in to tracking.
73 percent of consumers would be unlikely or extremely unlikely to opt-in to tracking. 60 percent thought it was somewhat unlikely or highly unlikely.
According to the report, mobile marketers are consistently underestimating consumer concerns on privacy, which calls for a re-evaluation of communications and tactics. Consumers want mobile marketers to gain their trust by communicating honestly and openly with them.
According to the report, marketers will be unprepared for the new rules. By March 2020, 23 percent of marketing professionals aren’t familiar with Apple’s new privacy policy at all.
Marketers thought the new policy would have a bad impact overall on the industry. Only 20 percent thought it would benefit the company they work for.

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