What is the Songkran Festival in Thailand?

In the month of April in Thailand, there is almost always the Songkran Festival. It usually happens on April 13th, 14th, and 15th. In 2021, Songkran will begin on the 12th because they wanted to get more business from tourists.
You may have heard about it about Songkran or if you did not hear the name, you may have heard a description of it. Songkran is where Thais throw water at each other and sometimes, they slap you with talcum. They use anything they can to throw the water at you. They use hoses, water guns, buckets, and anything else that they can use to throw water at you. In some cities, they even go around with trucks and throw water at vehicles as well as pedestrians. Some people throw water back at the vehicles with water-throwing people. Songkran means that in some cities and towns, it turns into one big water fight.
Why do Thais do this? Songkran is also known as Thai New Year. The water symbolizes the cleansing of her or his soul before the new year begins. The rainy season also starts after Songkran so the water could symbolize the rainy season as well.
This does mean that Thailand has three New Years. There is the Western New Year on January 1st, the Chinese New Year (usually in February, based on the lunar calendar), and Songkran.
Songkran was not always one big water fight. In the past, the Thais would gently throw water at you and slowly slap talcum powder on your face. When I spent one Songkran at my girlfriend’s village, they did all the Songkran things, but they did it nicely. The Thais in this village told me that was really the proper way to do Songkran. This is based on hearsay, but I did believe them.
During Songkran, Thai people would visit their families, wherever they are in Thailand. It means that half of Bangkok is empty and there is hardly any famous Bangkok traffic. Songkran is the most important holiday for the Thais and you should not try to do business with them during Songkran.
I am obviously talking about Songkran before the pandemic. Since the pandemic, the Thai government has not allowed water throwing or talcum slapping. In Songkran 2021, all the entertainment venues in Thailand will be closed in 41 provinces. You should Google to find out what provinces are closing their entertainment place.
I hope that Thais will enjoy Songkran in 2021 despite the pandemic restrictions.

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