A New Myanmar Massacre Has Come To Light After 2 Days

In Bago, Myanmar, the Myanmar military killed about 80 people in a crackdown during a protest.
It’s hard to tell how many people were killed because the military took away the bodies after killing them.
Those who witnessed the massacre told the Myanmar media that the Myanmar soldiers had used heavy weapons and did not hesitate to shoot anything that moved.
Over 600 civilians have been killed since the February 1st coup, and the Myanmar military has kept up the violence to hold on to power.
Because the villagers fled to other nearby villages, the massacre at Bago was not known for a few days.
Ye Htut, a protest organizer, says the Myanmar military is engaged in genocide. They seem to be shooting at the shadows.
Since the military coup on February 1st in which they declared a year-long state of emergency, mass protests have taken place all over Myanmar including Yangon, the capital city of Myanmar. Myanmar is also known as Burma.
Elections in 2020 were called fraudulent by the military. The opposition party of San Suu Kyi won in a landslide.
Myanmar’s ambassador to the United Nations and ousted members of parliament have recently called on the UN Security Council to take action against the military, including imposing an arms embargo and a no-fly zone.
The UN meeting was also made aware of the fact that Myanmar was “on the verge of state failure”.
International Crisis Group’s Richard Horsey says the military’s actions could turn the country into an ungoverned state.

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