Outriders’ Game Developers Give Their Gamers A Gift Package Due To Bad Launch

Since Outriders had trouble starting, it is now giving out in-game gifts. Outriders is a co-op online shooter, but you can still play it alone. The catch is that you have to be online to play it solo.
The Division, Anthem, Borderlands, and Destiny also had troubled launches. These games’ servers couldn’t cope with the launch.
There are some games like Destiny that have been able to overcome launching issues and become good games. Other games like Anthem were unable to overcome launching issues.
Outriders, Gears of War: Judgment and Battlestorm developer People Can Fly do appear to be capable of solving its launch troubles. However, it won’t happen overnight.
A gift package from People Can Fly will include Titanium, a frustration emote, and a legendary weapon.
Free DLC will be released next week with a patch that should resolve many of Outriders’ reported issues.
It is uncertain whether the gamers of Outriders will be satisfied with this gift package or not.

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