Twitter Announces That Asian Protester Group Gets An Emoji

Twitter has created a new emoji for the Milk Tea Alliance, a group of pro-democracy Asian activists.
Members of this alliance include pro-democracy campaigners from Myanmar and Thailand, as well as anti-Beijing protesters in Taiwan and Hong Kong.
This emoji is a white cup with three shades of regional tea. It celebrates the 1 year since the Milk Tea Alliance was founded.
Hong Kong protesters who think Beijing is hurting democracy have become fans of the alliance, as well as pro-democracy activists in Thailand who want to reform the monarchy.
The milk alliance hashtag gained popularity after the coup in Myanmar in February. Twitter announced in a tweet that it had seen almost 11 million tweets with the hashtag milk tea alliance in the past year.
The emoji appear immediately when you use the milk tea alliance hashtag on Twitter.
During times of violent crackdowns or civil unrest, Twitter says it’s more important than ever to have access to the #OpenInternet for essential services, credible news, and real-time updates.
Netiwit Chotiphatphaisal, a leading Thai activist, believes the emoji is a momentous occasion for the Thai movement. The movement thinks that it is really good for Twitter to acknowledge what it has done for many years. Their movement is taking place offline as well as online and will have a big impact. They have to fight both dictators and Chinese dominance.
The Twitter emoji announcement has been celebrated by many Asian activists.
Joshua Wong, an activist in Hong Kong, tweeted on his account with the new emoji. He believes that his movement will remain strong, even under hard times.
In the past, Twitter has developed emojis for Black Lives Matter and MeToo movements.
The Chinese government is not a fan of the Milk Tea Alliance. They believe that the group has anti-Chinese views and biases.

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