Phuket Gives Detailed Order For Expats Regarding COVID-19

Phuket’s provincial government has issued a 48-page order for non-tourists coming into Thailand through Phuket.
This new order applies to consular visits, workers passing through the country without a visa, students, people with long-term visas, and permanent residents. Phuket says it does not apply to tourists.
Non-tourist arrivals on Phuket will not be eased by this order. You will have to look elsewhere for easing of restrictions.
It has nothing to do with the proposal that says the quarantine will stop in Phuket after July 1st, 2021.
This long order outlines all the conditions for non-visitor groups in great detail. The conditions for all non-visitor groups are the same.
The following conditions apply to this order:

  1. A COVID-19 test must confirm the traveler does not carry the pandemic
  2. You must have a Certificate of Entry.
  3. Before coming to Thailand, travelers must have one of the three tracking apps on their phones (Thailand Plus is one of the apps).
  4. Once they arrive, travelers will undergo a swab test and then another one when they finish quarantine.

A mandatory quarantine period must be completed by all new arrivals. Travelers who have been vaccinated must complete a seven-day quarantine period. If you are not vaccinated, you must spend 14 days in quarantine. If you have been vaccinated once, your quarantine is 10 days.
Before you come to Thailand, you should go to the nearest Thai embassy or consulate before coming to Thailand to be absolutely sure what the requirements are.

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