The British Variant of COVID-19 Has Come To Thailand

The Britsh variant of COVID-19, a more quick-spreading version of the disease, is the root of the latest infections that have been found at entertainment venues across Bangkok, according to a virus expert.
Yong Poovorawan, a head of the Center of Excellence in Clinical Virology at the Faculty of Medicine at Chulalongkorn University, one of the largest universities in Bangkok, does not understand how this variant came to Thailand as Thailand has a state quarantine system. Currently, people should not travel or move around Thailand. There has to be strict measures to control the disease.
In a year, Thailand has been relatively good when it comes the pandemic. There is only been about 100 deaths from a population of 70 million. Compared to the United States, it has done much better.
Dr. Yong wans that there should be no unnecessary travel during the Songkran holiday next week (is is April 8th, 2021 when this article was written). He thinks that number of new infections could greatly increase.
The Songkran fetival is usually from April 13th to 15th. This year, it will start on April 12th. It is the festivel where Thais throw water at each other on the streets to celebrate the Thai New Year.
Dr. Yong beleives that if there is not enough effort to curb high-risk activities during Songkran, the number of infections could go up to to thousands each day.
The doctor has calculated the infection rate per day, based on that the new British variant is 1.7 times more infectious than the original virus.
Dr. 6young thinks that the government should find a balance between stimulating the economy and containing the virus.
If there are a lot more cases of COVID-19, the promotion of tourism will not work as no one would want to travel in a pandemic zone.
Dr. Yong says that it is good to visit older relatives during Songkran, but it would not be good if it means that it causes the disease to sprea.
During Songkran like Thanksgiving and Christmas in the United States, people go visit their families in cities and towns around Thailand.
Like the original virus, the British variant is hard on old people. The older they are, more of the risk that they will get the disease. Thais should visit their older relatives online insstead of in person, according to the Dr. Yong.
The people infected with the new variant have a high concentration of the pandemic in their throats. It makes it easier to spread to other people like older relatives.
Dr. Yong urges the government to quicken the vaccinating program while trying to deal with British variant at the same time.

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